Crafter Academy equips your authoring, development and operations teams with the foundation they need to successfully create and deliver modern real-world digital experiences and content-rich apps.

Training for Authors

Learn how to use the editing and workflow tools in Crafter Studio to easily create engaging multi-channel digital experiences of all types.

Authors creating, publishing and measuring multi-channel digital experiences deployed at cloud scale with Crafter CMS
CrafterCMS Development with Vue, React and Angular

Training for Developers

CrafterCMS is a powerful headless, API-first development platform that supports any programming language and any development framework.

Learn how to build planet-scale, content-rich apps and digital experiences with CrafterCMS.

Training for Operations

CrafterCMS leverages today's most modern, cloud-native deployment and operations technologies and tools to deliver digital experiences at any scale, anywhere in the world.

Learn how to enable high-throughput content creation and development processes with DevContentOps and how to deploy and operate digital experiences and content-rich apps at any scale.

DevContentOps Teams Operating Planet Scale Crafter CMS based Solutions